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Η αποθήκη μας στον Δρυμό

When passion becomes profession, the result is always amazing! After 28 years full of experiences and hard work in the field of construction, private and public, we proceeded in 2003 to the founding of Ergoliptiki Giaglis S.A. It is about a company which entered dynamically into the field of construction, stays up to date and advances with today’s technology. Armed with knowledge and always with our first priority the organization, the quality, the consistency and the safety, we march forward.

Our fully equipped and specialized staff of our company is always willing to listen, to inform and to recommend the most effective, functional and economical solutions. We try to stay informed of all new techniques and the latest technological products. From the simplest operation to the most specialized project we have the experience, the expertise and the ability to achieve it since our well-trained building crew is always eager to serve in the best possible way and for the best possible implementation. Imagination, creativity and the safety of our structures are an intricate part of our company.

Our collaboration with world renowned companies of international status has been a fact for many years, something which allows us to make possible what others cannot! The key to a good and above all enviable collaboration is the honesty and the respect towards the client as well as the excellent project completion. Our company has shown time and time again that it has the above qualities. So it is worth trusting us!